Uipath vs Microsoft Flow

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Recently I heard about Microsoft flow working with Uipath tool and also we have Microsoft Flow Connector in Uipath Go , Just I want to know,

  1. How Microsoft flow involving with Uipath
  2. Why?
  3. Where?

Here I have attached a article about Microsoft flow with Uipath. I need more clarification on this . can anyone help me out this?

Srenivasan Kannan

UiPath Orchestrator has a webservice you can use via HTTP calls. What appears to be happening with MS Flow is that microsoft is working with UiPath to make connectors that can more easier call the UiPath Webservice. I think there can be work done to make it more streamlined, but in it’s current state it will allow use to do new things such as trigger an automation when a specific type of email is received by using MS Flow.

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Quoting from the content:

As per Gartner’s report from last year, RPA was the fastest growing technology in the software market worldwide in 2018.

The technology giant Microsoft took note of this big time. At their annual conference of Microsoft Ignite in 2019, it was announced that Microsoft Flow is being renamed to Microsoft Power Automate.

Power Automate was announced to have been enhanced with new RPA capabilities. This was Microsoft’s first step in the RPA market.

Now this year Microsoft has acquired Softmotive, an RPA platform. This will further enhance Power Automate’s RPA capabilities. To promote their native product further, Softmotive’s WinAutomation Platform will be free for those who have already purchased Power Automate.

Now Power Automate’s biggest competitor in the RPA market is none another than UiPath. UiPath acquired the maximum revenue in the RPA vertical last year.

Here, comparison has been made in terms of their performance, benefits, pricing and more.

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Here you have a playlist with 6 videos all working with Power Automate and UiPath.

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