MFA for the cloud orchestrator sign-in

I see that currently the sign in to the cloud orchestrator account is via the user credentials. As the cloud orchestrator sign in is crucial and enables the user to access the entire account related services e.g. provision the machines, bots, run processes etc. , can we enable the MFA for the sign in to the cloud orchestrator account? This will enable to have an added layer of security the cloud account. I did not see this option currently.

Hi Team,

Any updates on this?

Tagging @loginerror from UiPath team.

Thank you for your feedback @Vishal_Kalra . It would indeed be nice to have this functionality.

I saved your feedback in our ideas tracker for our Cloud team to consider in the future.

Thank you @loginerror for your response !

@Vishal_Kalra we support enabling Single Sign-On (SSO) with Identity Providers like Azure AD and Google. So as long as you configure SSO, you should be able to configure MFA for Orchestrator.

Learn more here: Authentication Settings (

But using stand-alone UN and PS there should be an option for MFA/OTP.

Considering what cloud orchestrator is and anyone connected to the internet can access it you would have thought that MFA was a default option.

We cant connect to Azure due to it being a National Health shared tenant and SSO was rejected.

We support SSO with SAML now too on cloud. So you can connect to any Identity Provider of your choice.
Configuring the SAML integration (

That would mean the other authentication methods are still not enforcing the use of MFA.

Getting the portal only to allow MFA logins would be a very good idea.

We have 3rd party partners not on the shared IdP that would need to log in and we would want to enforce MFA.