2FA / MFA in UiPath Orchestrator

Is there any way to implement two factor authentication in UiPath orchestrator?


Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.


+1 on asking for MFA posibilities in orchestrator, blocker issue for security teams on large companies.

I would highly recommend this as a lot of public organizations expose their environments through the app would feel a bit secure with this


Would be great if you can share an update on this! :slight_smile:

Can’t promise anything :slight_smile: But let me just say “work in progress”.


Hey Pawel,

What’s the news on this? It’s highly requested by our customers.

I got information that this feature is in our list for the future releases but it’s very hard to say when exactly. Orchestrator is a platform which normally stays inside environment to perform task for the underlying machines and usually everything is behind firewall and in secured space so 2FA it’s not so often needed function for such case. Additionally there is possibility to use AD authentication or other types which makes it more secured (more information here: https://docs.uipath.com/orchestrator/docs/about-authenticating)

May I know what kind of use case / environment specification needs 2FA for Orchestrator?

Any update on this? From security perspective MFA/2FA is highly required for admin-level web logins. We are running the Orchestrator as a service for our customers, therefore the platform is not in intranet.

Any news on this and if it’s possible to enable 2FA in UiPath Orchestrator for both OnPrem and the UiPath Cloud?

Is it also possible to setup the UiPath Orchestrator Cloud/Automation Cloud for SSO and SAMLv2 with an Organization’s AD?

Still no news on MFA for Orchestrator cloud?

Any news on this one Pablito? Could be super helpful

Hi guys. I know it has been a long time since this has been posted. However, there are a lot of ideas, features etc. we need to go through and prioritize :slight_smile: This one wasn’t on the top of the list but it is considered already for future releases.

Nothing new about 2FA?

It is on our roadmap.

any updates guys?