Unable to Sign in UiPath Assisstant

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I am have an issue while sign-in on uipath assisstant how to do.assisstant_error

you have to go to preferences and Orchestrator settings tab and type Orchestrator’s url and machine key for this robot:

More information:

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Check this doc for more details on how to connect assistant to orchestrator

For both attended and unattended

Cheers @Majunu09

Hi @pikorpa , Thanks for your reply, Do we need to sign before going into preference?

Are you trying connect unattended robot ?
If yes you can log in on account which you set in Orchestrator for unattended robot but it’s not necessary.

Yeah if you are using cloud then login to this cloud account
And then perform connecting to robot


@Palaniyappan @pikorpa , Its connected but Page shows like this.

where can I apply the machine key if need to connect my robots.

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In this case you should change connection type from service URL to machine key.


@palaniyappan Hi buddy, I’m using Community Edition Only, Can I access Orchestrator ?

No worries
It’s already connected with interactive sign in
Doesn require machine key to mentioned


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Yeah ofcourse you can @ecaballes
You can create your account here in cloud orchestrator


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Hi @Palaniyappan @pikorpa , All set but I can see orange button instead on green why.?

Here you have use connection type as machine url
Change it to service url and try connecting in same way like you did for that robot


Have a view on this doc for more details

Cheers @Majunu09

To get green light (lincensed) you have to be logging in on account which you set in Orchestrator for this robot.

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@pikorpa @Palaniyappan , Thank you guys for the support.

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