Write line,message box,log message activities are not working


Write line,message box, log message activities are not working. I have updated all the packages ,restart the studio but still its not working. i am using 2019.7.0 community edition.

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Kindly uninstall and reinstall the application once and try buddy
Cheers @Asit1212

Hi @Asit1212

If you are facing this issue

Contact the technical support team

let me try this. Thanks.

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Cheers @Asit1212

Hello Asit1212,
to get message box activities:
1 go to the Manage Packages
2 clic the Project Dependencies
3 UiPat.System.Activities will display, them clic to instal it.

I am using 2019.9.0 community edition. and Iwas facing with the message box activities problem

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