Output Chosen button and Misc Private

What exactly Output Chosen button and Misc Private do, I have attached a image please let me how to use both and what will impact


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hello @mohitsaxena79
Chosen button —A string representing the pressed button in the message box dialog. It can be: “Ok”, “Yes”, “No” or “Cancel.”

Misc Private–If selected, the values of variables and arguments are no longer logged at Verbose level.
Verbose Level is logging level that define All messages logged with Trace level and Workflow Tracking logs
for more info about Verbose level


Hello Sandeep, Thanks for your reply i know what exactly choose button does but i am not able to use it, as per attached what is wrong.

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Hi Lakshman, Could you please explain how to use choose button as per attached what is missing.

hello @mohitsaxena79

see the attched image
in my image message box has three button YES,No Cancel as i set button property
wherever button is click the text of button is store in mtext variable
then you can proceed as per req.

As per your attched image
you set Button property as OK so value of var2 is only OK
see the Button property .i think you need “YesNO” option as you set Yes Default value

Hope its will help.if it help then marks solution:blush:


“ChosenButton” - A String variable that specifies which of the buttons specified in the Buttons property has been clicked during run time. The possible options are: “Ok” , “Yes” , “No” or, “Cancel” .