Using a do while and condition is based on user input

Hi, I want to use a do while with a message box and input dialog to get user input. The message box is first and I want the condition to be ‘while ChosenButton(from message box) is Yes’ show input dialog box. This part works fine but when I click No on the message box the input dialog box appears again but I don’t want that to happen I want the process to end. Can anyone offer any help?

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Hi @rparookie97,

Glad to help on this. Yes… you can handle it via the message box properties…

In the message box properties, just as you set the buttons, under the output, assign a variable to it. This way, that will hold the text of the button you clicked.


Then use a IF activity to check the button text. and based on the value, you can design what to show, and what should not :slight_smile:

Let know how it goes for you…

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Thanks Lahiru! This worked :slight_smile:

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