How to merge multiple word documents into single word document



Hi ,
I have multiple word file created on different paths.
I need to combine the multiple word documents into single word document.

May I know what is the best approach to achieve this in UiPath?
@aksh1yadav , @ddpadil , @vvaidya, @vikas_reddy_Vicky, @Vikas.Jain : Let me know your views on this.



HI @Sree2311,

get all the document file path and store it in string[].
using for loop -> loop through it
use Read Text read the all content after the using Append Text activity append the the text in to one word file.



You should be able to retain the format(Colors,Tables etc) when you merge docs.

You can accomplish using Invoke Code if you can code.(google for VB.NET code)

Try this


It might be helpful to know that Word has features to insert multiple documents.

Go to Insert > Object Drop Down > Text from File > list all files then click Insert

Key combo to get to the option is


Thank you. This method works.