Merge Data Table , Join Data Table query

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I have an urgent query to be solved I have been working on this since yesterday evening I am not able to solve it and I don’t have anywhere to go except putting up a question here. I have my pervious question also on which I am waiting to be guided to the right path.

Cleartax.xlsx (17.0 KB)

I want all the sheet data to be present in single sheet with all the headings as the data in sheet1 is relevant to sheet2 and same goes for sheet3

So all data in row 1 after headers should come in single line.

For me if I am using a merger data table its skipping some rows and then inserting data if I am join data table its multiplying the rows and making it 4.

Please Help @uipath @tesoro @UiPathMaster SequenceTest.xaml (10.3 KB)

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Sounds like a side by side merge
Have a look here:

Another option is to write out the different DataTables to the same sheet just by ofssetung the range to right for each datatable

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