Merging two datatables into one


I am trying to merge two data tables into one and wondering if anyone could help on the below.

In DT1 I have a data table with 1 line item but in DT2 I have multiple line items. I am attempting to merge the data from DT1 to each line item in DT2. Would anyone know the best way to do this?



Result New Microsoft Excel Worksheet.xlsx (10.8 KB)

have a look on the join datatable activity (inner join) and removel later the unneeded join columns with a filter datatable (column removal setting).

also have a look here:

as dt2 currently has not a common join datacolumn we can manipulate by e.g. adding an addtional datacolumn along with a default value set to the invoice number.

have alook here as well

so the flow could look like this

  • add join col to dt2
  • join datatable dt1 to dt2 inner join
  • remove dt2 join datacolumn from join result

Another technique is to do the merge via row Itemarray construction and you can refer here:

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