Update Excel Sheet and merge data

Hello Team,

We have an Excel Sheet

Sheet 1

An another data table as below is created which has Merge_no

dt1 present as below


How do we add dt 1 into Excel Sheet1 as below format

We cannot use for each because there are more than 1000 row so it would be time consuming then

Your suggestions are appreciated

Thanks team

In general we can do:

  • Join DataTable Activity and Process the Join Result
  • Lookup Activity
  • LINQ

Hii @ppr

Could you share an example related to this scenario if possible

We assume that all is present as DataTables

When the Join topic in general is new have a look here:

And explore it in a first round like:

and postprocess the dtJoin e.g.

Assign Activity
dt3 =

dtJoin.DefaultView.ToTable(false, new String(){"ano","yno","YourCountryColumnName", "Merge_no"})

Use the Join Data Table activity.
In the join table select Left join
mentation DataTable and column.

Thanks @ppr and @copy_writes for the prompt Responses

Have tried the approach suggested but data was not getting merged

Have attached excel file for Reference so might help in explaining better way

Dt1: Sheet1
Expected Output Format : Sheet3

chennai_test.xlsx (9.1 KB)

what was implemented, as this is important

Hi @ppr

1)Created two dt


2)Used Left Join and defined both dt

And defined common column as ArtifactNo

But Sheet 2 values are not getting joined only Sheet 1 Values were getting displayed

we can better help, when we can crosscheck the details (e.g schreenshots)
feel free to share your xaml with us

Thanks @ppr

Its working now

It was due to cell format difference in Excel file was not fetching data

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