How to merge the excel table properly

Hi everyone,

can i ask how to merge table from different worksheet to a single one? i tried using append range like in this but the end result is overlapping data. how to copy all the data, skip one row, and then another data?
and it is copying to the row, so the new copied data is always below it. Is it possible so the new data copied will be copied to the right (column) insted of below (row)? thank you very much

we can implement it by doing a side by side merge:

Hi Peter,
Thank you for your reply! I sat that thread, but how about if the column doesnt have the same amount of row? i was thinking that assuming B has additional row and C has less row, can it be copied all the same? because i have another automation that does that only if the number of row is the same, but if its the different it will return “there’s no row position x”. Thanks

have a look on following flow, supporting different rows count e.g. on dt1, dt2

With datatable merge details:

input / output:

Kindly note: in case of multiple datatables will have the same column name, it has to be handled in advance by making the col names unique

find starter help here:
SideBySideMerge_AlsoDifferentRCnts.xaml (10.8 KB)

Hi @ppr
thank you for your solution, i somehow get the idea outlined in your example but i cant really put it inot the solution, i tried doing it and it gives error “Input array is longer than the number of the columns in this table”. do you mind taking a look?