Measuring Bot Execution Time

How can Bot Runtime value be measured for all bots separately on hourly basis using insight dashboard ( formula) ?

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You can use the StopWatch library for that.
Here is a thread that could be of help, meanwhile I’ll work on a short sequence for you to work with.

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Through orchestrator

That’s way more easier when it is for all bots
You can’t measure another machines bot from one server

So to consider all the bots it’s always the orchestrator where we can manage bot runtime at anytime

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Hi @anmita
I don’t think there is a direct variable, but we have an alternative to do that.
Use assign variable to capture the starting time and in the end, use another variable to capture the ending time. So, you can get the time bot runs, by substracting ending time and starting time

Thanks Palaniyappan!!!

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Any further queries on this topic

Ofcourse we have got insights

But for bot runtime it’s better to have orchestrator

Cheers @anmita

Thanks Nikhil !!!

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Happy Automation @anmita

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Hi @anmita

Have a look on the thread

HI @anmita

Start_Time= DateTime.Now

End_time= DateTime.Now

TimeSpan Execution_Time= End_time.Subtract(Start_Time)


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Thanks Gokul for the reference

Can this be done in insight dashboard after using a widget ?

Hii @Palaniyappan
I have used HDiff([Hours in StartTimeLocal],[Hours in EndTimeLocal]) but it does not work is there any other way that I can get Bot Execution time in insight widget formula?

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