How can we find out Ideal time for BOT

Hi Guys,

Is there any way from which we can find out the Idea and Working time for time on daily bases.

Either from Orchestrator or from DB tables.

Thanks in advance…


Rahul Jawahirani

Hi @Rahul_Jawahirani

Did u mean ideal running time of bot ?

yes, Ideal time for BOT…

In my opinion the ideal running time of a bot should be less than the mean of time that it takes to do the same action manually.
If that is not possible to measure, I recommend you to get an mean time of running from the past jobs and dont forget to ignore the outliers. With that in hand you can then build some kind of monitoring that check if a job, or a group of them is taking more time than the ideial.

To get the mean, you can check the job start and end time on your Orch DB. If you are using cloud, you can do it exporting the jobs list and doing via excel, or add to your bots a step that record the passed time when executiong to a database or file somewhere.

Anyways, the ideial time is related to the process the bot is executing. There’s no “One time to rule them all” in that case.

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