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I have created a match workflow which validates an email, if the email is valid a message box will pop up say it is is valid and if it is not then a message box will pop saying it is not. I am looking to have the process validate a pdf document for specific data such as account name.

Please see below my current workflow for validating email

Any help would be very appreciated

is it properly identifying??

you can use this expression to validate email ID’s
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Yes the flow at the min checks perfectly to see if a email is valid, i have used ^([\w.-]+@[\w.-]+.\w{2,4})$ which has worked.
The issue is i need to now validate a pdf in the same way but looking for word like account name

well it as to validate the string “Account Name” ??

well you split the pdf to new lines like this PdfOutPut.Split(Environment.Newline.ToArray())
and use For each loop to iterate the strings and pass Item.ToString
in is matches activity and give your patter and vaildate!
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i dont fully understand what you mean i have added the invoice pdf i need to validate and also a copy of my workflow for your consideration

Main.xaml (5.5 KB) Invoice 00000003.pdf (38.3 KB)

what do you want to identify from this pdf??
if this pdf contains “Account Name” or you want the Account Name??

to be able to pick the actually account name not the words account name, this is what i am finding very difficult to do.

where is account name in this!

the account name is under ‘draft invoice’ where it says ‘Ikea north america LLC’

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is this what you are looking for??

Regex.xaml (7.1 KB)
cheers @nick.v
here is the sample workflow!

Brilliant thanks you, what is the read pdr text activity you used as its missing an i need to download an install it for the workflow to work.

PDF activities

Thank you Pradeep, appreciate your help

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