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While the level of segregation which can be achieved by the use of Modern Folders is excellent, there is one large component missing…Master or Tenant level monitoring and Master Jobs pages for the Tenant Admins. In my organization, it would be great to separate the processes and assets by Division/Department, however, the lack of a “Master” overview and “Master” jobs page will prevent us from migrating to Modern Folders. We require our Production Controllers to easily be able to view ALL processes across ALL folders. It is unreasonable to have them view each folder separately.

Hi @Evan_Allen

Sorry for late reply.

I’ve noticed that Orchestrator offers the Monitoring tab that allows one to also display subfolders:

Would this already head in the direction you were suggesting? If not, what further improvements could we make? :slight_smile:

This does not really help at the individual job level. On the Jobs page, there should be an option to Include SubFolders as well. This would better allow for high level monitoring. The Jobs page on parent folders should always have the ability to see, start, and stop jobs of any child folders. I know modern folders are tailored to allow individual business units the ability to see and monitor their own processes, but in our large Enterprise environment, a dedicated RPA department is responsible for overseeing all the departments process, while still maintaining the need for granular access for business users access to Orchestrator.

I see, fair points.

I believe that UiPath Insights might be the way to achieve this today, but I will loop @Michelle_Yurovsky for more insights about it.

I will also save your feedback for our Orchestrator team to consider.

hey @Evan_Allen, we’ve been planning on bringing monitoring to Insights for a loooong time and we’re finally putting some planning work into it. Insights reports at the tenant level, and in the future at a deployment level, but can go as granular as the folder or even process or robot level if that’s what you’re looking for. Right now, our data isn’t real-time but on about a 20 min delay. That’s going to change! We will be building real-time monitoring into our product, I just can’t commit to exactly when. I am hoping it will happen next year. thanks @loginerror for the tag :slight_smile: this is something i’m very passionate about

@Michelle_Yurovsky Unfortunately, this does not help with our business model. We do not use Insights and have no intentions of doing so. This also does not solve for being able to view, start, stop, and kill jobs from a single page across multiple folders. I believe you missed the point of my post. We need these features in Orchestrator, not Insights.

@Evan_Allen thanks a lot for your feedback! tagging @Ovidiu_Constantin from our Orchestrator product team for visibility. I missed explaining in my response to you the first time that ideally we’d have the Insights monitoring dashboards embedded back in Orchestrator, not just in Insights. That being said, for the moment that plan is contingent on Insights being licensed, but this could easily change in the future and there are some workstreams around investigating options here. I’d love to learn more about your business model, and the kinds of tools you’re using if you’re open to it! If you’re comfortable, shoot me an email ( and we can discuss some options.

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