Controlled access to users in modern folder UiPath 2022.10 Orchestrator

Hi All, We are migrating the UiPath orchestrator from 2020.10 to 2022.10. in version 2020.10 we have many classic folders and each folder is having many process. By creating environment we are controlling the access to each user. They can view the processes with in that environment, and support team can monitor all the processes by navigating to the folder. Currently we are using modern folders and machine templates. All the users mapped to the folder can view all the processes. If we create sub folders, first thing we have to create many sub folders and to monitor the process we need to go to each sub folder. Is there a better way to control access to users as well as for support team to monitor all the processes with in the folder without navigating to sub folders.


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Ideally in modern the way to seggregate is using sub folders only…

Alo for monitoring may be you can use alerts so that whenever something faults out you can get alerts over email as well