Download Nupkg from Orchestrator, the space(" ") in file name or folder name automatically converted to "%20", which caused process failed at "Invoke" activities

Download nupkg from Orchestrator, unzip it, previously if folder names or file names created with space (" "), all spaces become “%20”; in the Studio source code, spaces stay in "Invoke” activity.
Once publish a new release to Orchestrator, running process will be failed at Invoke activity because file path name in Invoke activity cannot match file name or folder name any longer.

This issue didn’t happen before, I’m thinking it’s new bug in Uipath.

Does anyone have solution to prevent this? or any idea on this bug?


To prevent it would be quite easy. Remove all the spaces in your project files. Check your invokes on the renamed projectnames and you should be fine. Publish the package again and upload it to your orchestrator.

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It’s recommended not to use a spaces in the Project Name, Folder Names & in the XAML file names. You can use an _ instead.


What you did there is not supported or recommended, once a package is deployed, it is not supposed to be used as a project anymore…

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Thanks for everyone’s suggestions!

I’m aware of that editing the folder and file name one by one to match names in “Invoke” can fix this issue; and also aware of that avoiding to use space in names can prevent from this issue.

I’m sure this new issue, I didn’t see any Uipath document mentioning space is not allowed in naming folder/files, so wondering what root reason caused this? a bug in Uipath?

@vincent2017 did you had this problem on 1 studio workstation, or do you have this on other workstations as well? Got an backup of your previous code/files? Try to see/check the differences. I haven’t seen this behaviour, but we never use spaces in our folders or file names. So i cannot relate to it.

edit: can you explain this part?

download nupkg from [Orchestrator], unzip it…

What do you do with the unzipped / extracted nupkg file?

If it is a bug, can you reproduce the problem?

@jvanmarion We have 3 studio stations on 3 different machines, I had a try on all 3 studios, all have the same issue. Reproduce steps below:

  1. Go to Orchestrator - Package

  2. Find one package and download its nupkg file

  3. Extract source code from nupkg file

  4. Go to extracted folder “lib” - “net45” to see its original source code.

When developers created code and published to Orchestrator, folder and file names have space(" "), so when download nupkg and extract source code from nupkg, source code should also have spaces in folder and file names. (I had been using this method for almost 2 years and didn’t see any issue until this one)

All spaces in folder or file names become “%20”, which automatically cannot match names in “Invoke” activities. E.g.: in last screenshot file name should be “add queue.xaml”, not “add%20queue.xaml”.

I know it’s not good practice to use space in naming folder or files, but currently I’m worries about that it’s a general and big risk, and potential problem that if any Uipath developers named folders or files with space(" ") in any their projects before, they may have the same issue above.

Do you understand that you should not do this for development right? Downloading of a package is only for deployment scenarios…

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Hi @vincent2017

Just for the record, this is ‘expected behaviour’, as spaces are automatically escaped as %20 upon package publishing…

I guess it is an improvement idea, so I registered your feedback in our internal issue tracker :slight_smile:


This issue has been closed by our team with the following comment:

Once published the sole purpose of the package is Robot runtime. One should use only the initial Studio Project for edits and further publishing.

Therefore, the current behavior will be kept.


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