Mark Row in Excel with specific value in one cell

Hi everybody,

I am new to UiPath and I´m not a developer, so I need your help with my first robot. I am trying to mark a row in Excel, when the actual date is given in one cell of the row.

For Example (see the attached Excel-File) I want to mark Row 3, because there is the current date in cell C3.

Example.xlsx (11.0 KB)

I hope someone can give me a hint. Thanks in advance!!


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Welcome to our Community!.

Check the attached xaml, I have used Excel.Extension packages, you need to include that. This is UiPath team’s package.

HighlightRowInExcel.xaml (10.3 KB)

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@sarathi125 thank you so much! I´ll try it but it I´ll need some time. I´ll give you feedback later.


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