How to get specific cell data in Excel using uipath

Hi Team,
I have one excel with multiple rows of data.
I need to extract the latest date and also latest date invoice number
For example in my excel this is the latest date 04/08/2023 which is in B4 cell and I need A4 cell invoice number and C4 cell status.

I already written code for getting latest date from Excel but I need A4 cell invoice number also and I know the latest date cell index also but how to get A4 cell data using UiPath.

Is their any activity to get the specific cell data in Excel using UiPath.

Please let me know the suggestion or also give me better and simple solution.
I am attaching is the input data screenshot for your reference.

Please send me .xaml for my reference.

I need latest date from Excel and also latest date invoice number and latest date status.
In my excel latest date is B4 cell I need A4 cell and C4 cell data
Dynamically. Because the data will be changed in future.
I need A4,B4,C4 cell data which is stored in string variable. I need to store this data in individual string variable.



if you know the cell address of B4

then you can use read cell activity for reading the A4 cell and C4 cell

or you can try with the below mentioned activities

you get your required values in the first row

you can use read range for reading the file

after that use assign activity





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Thanks @Shiva_Nikhil ,

I will check and let you know.

Thanks for quick response

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Thanks @Shiva_Nikhil ,

Read cell activity is working for me

Thank you for your help.


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happy automation

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