Insert rows with date of the current day in excel

Hello, I need help, I want to create an automation to open an exel file, insert some rows, two new rows with default values and a row with the date of the current day, then save the file, someone can guide me I am new.


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Please check the attached script savecurrentdatetoexcel.xaml (7.9 KB)
, you can extend the same strategy to required rows, hope this solves your issue

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I am going to take the course, thank you very much for showing me

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@Ormi whether savecurrentdatetoexcel.xaml resolved your issue.

Hi, your answer helped me a lot, to insert the row with the actual date of the day, but I still can not, do this with a file that I want, and I need you to insert the columns in a file that already has data.

Yes. I also have the same requirement to add a new row at the last with today’s date… Can someone help pls…??