What Language? Is there an API for UiPath

What language is UiPath basing all of these automations on?
I just notice when I have a string like “name” When I put a dot after it
a bunch of methods pull up. If I wanted to find out more information about a
particular method, how do I go about doing that?

For Example


I want to know what .Contains does. I don’t just want someone to answer that
I want to know how to be able to look that up on my own…
Is there an API? for whatever Language this is?

Hi @HsDev, it is using VB.net. To find those functions, you could view:

or google for any class or method you came across with vb.net keyword.

There is a API ready for Orchestrator for you to deal with your orchestrator but not Studio. But you could call third party APIs or Orchestrator APIs through studio.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile: