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In a real-life scenario, where there are many Robots, whose job it is to manage them using Orchestrator, Is it the Developer or is a there a more Specific role for this …

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I think this doesnt fall under the developer to manage the bots in an environment. They would have some control over this in the development environment though. But in production systems, I think this should fall under the infrastructure manager and their team as they are the ones who manage the hardware, software and other rules around this. So they should have the control to allocate the number of bots required for a particular environment and remove them when not required and use them effectively.

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Hmm yes like to go with @Lahiru.Fernando in this
As if we are talking about orchestrator management in common which would go to infrastructure team

While if we are in a Dev Ops team and if we are discussing about robots allocation and their maintenance in Orchestrator in specific then we need to have Developers also to be involved with that
Because they develop a bot in Dev orchestrator instance and then migrate that to Test Orchestrator instance for testing and finally deploy that to production with prod orchestrator
So they play a major role in that management when they are in dev ops team
And I hope most of the rpa team is now running as Dev ops

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