Improvements to orchestrator

I don’t think orchestrator has this functionality but does anyone else think that this is a good idea?

If you schedule a process and think it should typically have 100 items in it, it would run on 1 robot. If however the process has 1000 items when it is kicked off then 10 robots should be allocated to it automatically (you would set a parameter number of items per robot to be allocated).

There is potentially a problem here in that you would not want the extra robots tied exclusively to a process that wouldn’t necessarily need them. The whole point of this functionality is that those unused robots could be used for other processes.

Just wondering if anyone thinks this is useful functionality (If it is already current functionality I am prepared for the backlash)


Hi @charliefik

I believe you configure environments with the specific amount of robots and then allocate your processes to those environments. This will work if you can predict the amount of date to be processed.

I will move this to the ideas section and see if smarter guys will shoot it down (by telling us it’s already possible :wink: ) or potentially implement otherwise.

Thanks for the reply login.