Managing Data Table columns

Hello Forum, Today I come with a question that I feel I´ve had for a while, and I always like to ask them here no matter how simple there are.

For you to better understand my question I going to put it on a example…
Let´s say I have a Data Table called “dt_FullData” which contains 5 columns. Out of these 5 columns I want to add the data of two of them to a Queue in the orchestrator with a “Bulk Add Queue Items”. How can I configure the entry Data Table so the “Bulk Add Queue Items” only add the data from whichever column I want?
What are my options here?

Hey @Luis_Fernando ,

If you want to add only specified columns to Orchestrator then follow below steps

  1. Input datatable snapshot

  2. Filtered Datatable snapshot (I removed AGE and SALARY columns)

Below is the Output of Filter Datatable

After filtering you can add the filtered Datatable to "Bulk Add Queue Items "

Below is the Workflow Snapshot

Hope it helps You!

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Hello @Vikas_M , thank you so much for your feedback!!
It´s really very exciting to see how different developers tackle development scenarios. Very useful.

Hey @Luis_Fernando ,You’re welcome! I’m glad to hear that you findmy post exciting and useful. As developers, we often encounter various scenarios, and it’s indeed fascinating to see the diverse approaches that can be taken to solve problems and create solutions. If you have any specific development scenarios or questions you’d like to discuss further, feel free to share, and I’ll be more than happy to assist you.
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Hi @Luis_Fernando

If you want to add column1 and column 3 then filter the datatable:
dt_FilteredData = dt_FullData.DefaultView.ToTable(False, “Column1”, “Column3”)
Then pass the datatable to your queue using bulk add queue items activity.

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Put this into the datatable property of Bulk Add Queue Items:


The array designates the columns you want.

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You don’t have to filter it into a separate datatable. You can just put the DefaultView expression directly into Bulk Add Queue Items, eliminating the need for creating extra variables.

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@Vikas_M You couldn´t have said it better!

@supriya117 @postwick This one I was seeking for!! Thank you both for providing so much clarity and great information. This one is definitely the lightest solution till now.

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