Orchestrator training - Data table to queue

On Level 2 training, loading a data table to a queue in Orchestrator, it says

"Read the excel file as a Data Table.

Drag and drop an Add Queue Item activity on the Designer panel and place it in a For each row activity.

The QueueName field in the Properties panel enables you to link this activity with a queue in Orchestrator. Select the field and type the name of the queue created during the previous steps. Make sure you place the text between quotation marks.

The ItemInformation field is where the values of the transaction item can be added. This process works similarly to passing arguments to an invoked workflow. Press the Ellipsis button. An ItemInformation window enabling you to create an argument is displayed.

Click Create Argument.

Name the first argument “Income”.

Set the ArgumentType to String.

Fill in the Value field by entering the information on the first column of the Data Table."

How do you fill in the value field by entering the information on the first column of the Data Table?

@Will_Tyler, As you have add queue item activity inside a for each row, we can access the current row value. i.e Let’s say you have column income, then you input in arguments row(“Income”).ToString

Now this will run in a loop until it has data.

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Perfect! Thank you!

Is there any different possibility like putting just A and B?
I am wondering what if we don’t know the names of column ?

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Kamil M

Is there any way to add datatable directly to queuw instead of iterating and adding row by row?

@Akashat, Yes we have this option,

Bulk Load to Queue

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Thanks a lot @Dominic

You can pass column index.


I’m new to this program and I’m doing the same exercise you are talking about. I am a little further down. Can anyone explain what this means and how I do it?

Return to Studio to process all the items inside the queue, by using the TransactionItem is not Nothing expression.

Your state machine should be connected together like this. image