Adding Structured Data to A Queue

Hello Forum, Today i have a new issue that i don’t really understand the why.
I’m currently working on solving the Practice 3 of Orchestrator For developers, and first as usual i tried to solve it whithout the solution that the course gives. And i found that it recomends that we populate the Queue with a “For each Row” and inside a “Add Queue Item” Activities, and also create 3 arguments on the “ItemInformation” property for each column on the excel file.

Instead i used the “bulk add queue items” Activity to populate the Queue. I’m thinking that the reason of using the “For each Row” and “Add queue” has to be for some long term issue during the process, But obviously don’t know the reason. So my question is Why using those activities and what the difference is?


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If you have large volume of data is there and want to add all the items at a time then use Bulk Add Queue Items activity. It accepts input of type DataTable.

If you want to add one by one item then use Add Queue Item activity inside For Each Row activity. It will take more time compared to previous one.

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