Published package does not appear in Orchestrator

I’m publishing updates of my automation and it doesn’t give an error, but it’s not showing up in the orchestrator what could be wrong?


I can only create a new process and send the version file

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Hey @Rodrigo_Buch

You need to check in packages section, not processes.


I did the update by the package in the orchestrator, but it only works by adding the package file.
When I update the wizard, I get this error when running the robot.

If a new package is uploaded the icon for the process will turn blue, and Processes is where you update to use the new version of the package.

The project name you are publishing doesn’t match the process name in Orchestrator. Did you rename the project?

yes I renamed

from the screenshot we can see alocal path. Ensure you are connected with the orc


If you get the message as published successfully , it means the package is published to the package entity to the Folder which you have connected in the studio(at the bottom).

In the studio can you check to which Folder the connection is happening and go to package and see whether you are able to see it.

That’s your issue. It goes by the project name. You’ll just need to create a new Process with the new package and name. Also, as @ppr pointed out, you aren’t publishing to Orchestrator. You’re publishing to a local folder. You have to set this in the Publish Process window:


appears in packages but I can’t associate it with a new process

That’s because you published it as a library, not a package. Close Studio, go into project.json and change outputType to Process. Then republish. I would recommend also deleting the library package from Orchestrator first.

And the way you create a new Process is to click the blue + button at the top right of the Processes page. You don’t do it from packages/libraries.

I did as you recommended, in the package libraries the correct version appears but it does not appear in the process
project.json (1.8 KB)

Again, you changed the name in project.json so it won’t see it as part of the original process that has the original name. After changing it to a Process instead of a Library, when you publish it to Orchestrator you’ll have to create a NEW Process from that package.

Hey @postwick
I created a new project and copied the Main.xaml file, removed everything from the orchestrator… it was easier than cleaning up the mess I made.

Thanks now it’s working.

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