Manage multiple PDF downloads (merge the and dynamic naming)

Hallo folks,

So, i’m at this point at the starting point in developing automated processes and I ran into a bit of a wall.

Long story short - I have some different excel files (each with a different name - client code) and in each of them i have some links which i am using to download their invoices (pdf format) - this part works so it’s not a problem.

Problem beggins here - how can i make it that after the robot finishes downloading the invoices from each excel file, the PDFs are joined into one file with the name of that excel file, and after that it moves to the next excel file and starts again :slight_smile:

Any suggestion/hint is highly welcomed.


Can you brief this part with some examples or screenshot?

screen shots i can’t because i couldn’t figure any solution to try :smile: so i’ll try to detail it a bit:

  • i have 10 excel files, each with a different name, in which i have around 20-30 links, each link downloads an invoice that is PDF. The links are scraped from a web page and i arranged them in separate excel files just to make sure i have a good separation and not mix them (each excel file is named with the client code).
  • I aleady made an automation that goes through each excel file, reads each row with links, writes them in a browser and downloads the invoice.
    so far, so good - it works like i wanted.

what i have no idea how to do is the following:

  • after each excel file is read and the invoices are downloaded, how can i merge the invoices into one PDF file that will have the same name as the excel file? and i just can’t find a way in which to do that :frowning:

Please let me know if managed to explain it or if i can give more info :smiley:

@Cristian_Ionita - if you can’t provide the screenshots at least you write the file name structure or something in the text format here…that will help us understanding your problem better…

For merge the files you can use Join pdf file activity and pass the all the files to the file list as an string array.