Create Multiple PDF Files From Excel Data Input One By One

Hey guys,

I’m working on project about try to create multiple pdf files one by one from get variables from excel data set.

I mean ı have an excel like this ;


I need to create pdf files with each row in excel and ı need set name like a,b,c,d from coming input at comment. Is it possible ? Is there any suggestion, how can ı do that.

I want to robot read excel columns and rows and after that for each row need to create new pdf file and set name of it like a,b,c,d … inputs in comment.

You can think, ı wanna try to create pdfcreator robot :slight_smile:

There is 2 dynamic point; 1- PDF Names, 2-PDF Dynamic Inputs
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Hey @burakavuncu

  1. Iterate the excel rows

  2. Create PDFs by writing the text to a word doc file and save it as PDF


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