For Each FIle In Folder -Change PDF Name with vallue from excel?

I have made a robot that uses an excel file do googel and download an pdf file.

the problem: I want to change the name of each downloaded pdf file with an ID Number from my excel file.

What activity can I use for this after the For Each File In Folder activity ?

Result should be: ID1.pdf , ID2.pdf


While downloading did you get a popup to save as and write the path of the file?

Then use a Type Into activity and in File Name give entire path of the folder with the file name which you want

If the Save As Popup not enable then configure your browser to Always ask for download option to enable, so that it will not download automatically

Hope this helps you


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I will try this , thanks.

It works half way.

When I use type Into and select the excel column the robots uses thes same field ( doesn´t move downwards to the next field)

An Idea how to fix that?

OK found it , had tu use current row

Thanks for the help!


Place TypeInto in For Each row activity, so when the loop changes the typeInto activity also changes

In TypeInto give as row(“Columnname”).ToString

Hope this helps you


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