Excel, having to delay before saving

Hi Guys,

Using keyboard shortcuts activity works perfect but…
The shortcut is to refresh some pivot tables, if I give a 5 second delay after the send keys,Excel fails to save, if I give a 10 second delay it saves just fine.
Basically, surely UiPath should wait for the table refresh to finish or any other operation ie write range/dt or whatever before attempting to save, as in wait ?

Thanks guys


Can you try RefreshPivotTable activity? Basically UiAutomation works async, however Excel activities works sync and it’s unnecessary to wait for saving.



Hi Yoichi,

Circa 10 pivots per workbook, some have less, some have more.
Automation works fine using send keys to refresh.
Im just wondering why UiPath cannot see Excel is busy so it should wait to save.


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