Make custom field send by Add Log Field to be aggregatable in Kibana

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I’m currently exploring ES and Kibana for our Robot logging.
Understand that we can send an additional log from robot to orchestrator → ES → kibana by using Add Log Field. I tried adding it into the log and I can see that custom field displayed from Kibana-Discovery page. However, when I tried to create a visualization, I can’t create aggregation terms using that custom field. Is it possible to make that custom field aggregatable so I can create a visualization based on that field? if yes, how to do that, or can you give me some reference?

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Hi @Elghar_Wisnudisastra, you can use the custom field during visualization. I think you didn’t refresh your index pattern fields after adding the new custom field. Attached is a doc for Kibana from UiPath Kibana Webinar.

Refresh the index pattern fields by clicking the Refresh button on the top right. This action can also be useful when an index already exists but you cannot find some fields in the Discover or Visualization panes

UiPath-Kibana-How-To.pdf (1.1 MB)

Cheers. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi @quihan,

Wow, thank you for your suggestion, it really works.


That’s great! :slight_smile: Happy Automation!

I have a similar problem. I need a text field to be aggregatable. The text filed is sent from Uipath.

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Hi, I have added a custom log field in UiPath as “RunStatus” and want to see it in Kibana. It is showing in the Discover section but not in the visualization. Any thought on this???