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Hallo !
First i would llike to wish YOU all nice hollydays and very good and successfull new 2020!!

Oke! Lets GO!

I spend a little time to learn more about ORCHESTRATOR+ElasticSearch+kibana.
Now i have situation : Orchestrator works, robots are connected and licenced , Elastic en kibana running at the same server as Orchestrator as Services. AND I HAVE GOT LOGS from my robot.
Processes are not making specifical LOGs , Just , you know, logMessage and write message activities. I can see it very clearly.

BUT mostly all the fields in my Elastic( kibana) logs are - UNDEFINED FIELDS.
See picture below

log fields ( underlined) Invoice Number, Total, Date are “user defined”. I added it with AddLogFields activity.

And in collection i defined it as String.

But Kibana rates it like “Unknown field”. And more another fields also. Like “processName” etc.

These "Unknown fields " i can not use in VIsualisations ( or i didnt found still the way to do it).


Thank you .


update : I made new index pattern in kibana.

I think that old one was created WITHout any data’s in elastic)

update: it is possible also UPDATE indexpattern .

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