Custom log messages within Kibana

I am currently trying to use Kibana to run statistics on the processes I am currently running.

Is there anyway to edit the logs that is sent via the orchestrator to eleastic search?

By this I mean am I able to add fields to the log message left. If you see below these are the default fields and the only information that I am trying to look at and break down is what is in the “message” field"

@timestamp”: “2017-06-02T15:50:50.6702381Z”,
“level”: “Info”,
“message”: "90-payamount, TPA-paycode, False-multiplediss status ",
“jobId”: “c37a6498-8d1f-46da-9527-d9002d3e220b”,
“levelOrdinal”: 2,

So what I am asking is it possible to add my own or remove these fields e.g. adding a reference number field or remove the “levelOrdinal” field?

I am also looking for a tutorial how to use kibana with UiPath. The server is setup, but now we want to use it.

Is there a tutorial/example code?

One of our robot-processes is making postings in a finance application.
What I want to log is e.g.

RobotName, Date/Time PostingAmount PostingAccountNr

It should be possible to get a graph what robot, made how many postings on a certain day right?

Hope anybody can help me out.



I’m interested too!

I want to remove a uipath selfcreated fields for example “jobId”.

Not sure you can remove fields from the log. Why would you want to do that ?

You can add log fields using the add log fields activity in Studio. Not sure you can remove the default fields though, you can try but I would avoid doing it as some other components might depend on those