Major Issue with 2018


I have this error. this was working yesterday. with 2018 update of community edition. it has broken it.


Reproduce by just using the invoke workflow activity


Same here.

Quite urgently need to get a response/fix.

Can we see the workflow?
Whats in the invoked one? What activities?

Try anything. The issue is the invoke workflow activity not the activities
within the workflow.

the workflow is built with 17.1? if you build a new one, with 18.1 you have the same issue?
i need more details as i can`t reproduce…

can you check if core activities are updated to 18.1?

no they are still 17.1 u want me to uninstall and reinstall?

no, just update the core activities and restart studio

no good.

So here is a sample one.Tester1.xaml (4.3 KB)
Tester.xaml (5.6 KB)

tester calls tester1

its working for me, this is very strange.
what dotnet framework version do you have?

.net framework 4.6 windows server 2016

do you have the 18.1 installer? to reinstall?

Presume just uninstall 17.1 and install 18.1?

yes, fresh install of 18.1 without upgrade. i am still trying to understand why it breaks after update

ok, got it. please kill all uirobot exe processes (and robot tray) after running the workflow, after update to 18.1.
then run the workflow again

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nope, still no good. i haven’t fresh installed yet. but i tried to restart services and kill exe processes. (there were none). do u want to keep debugging before i do a fresh install?

hmmm, you did a restart also?

I’ll restart server over night and advise.

I’ve got the same issue. I’d like to reinstall the CE, but i am not able to download a new installer. Every time i tried to request a trial on the UiPath homepage, i cannot receive any emails with a downloadlink.