How to not update Studio to latest version? 2018.1.0 issues

I have a licensed copy of Enterprise Studio installed on my machine and have my Update Channel set to Stable…is there anyway to avoid automatically updating studio? Me and other colleagues have experienced a handful of issues since switching from UiPath v2017.1.6547 to v2018.1.0. It doesn’t seem like the latest version is stable at all, is there a way to revert back to UiPath v2017.1.6547 and not have it automatically update to the latest?

Some things we have noticed…

  • whenever you open a project you get a long Null Reference message

  • issues with the properties pane for activities e.g. you can’t click inside the field and type directly from the properties pane you have to click the (…) button

  • projects that were running fine in the previous version no longer working correctly

Anyone else run into these issues?

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I found that I had to uninstall and reinstall my Chrome Extension. I had an error saying it could not communicate with the extension when running one of my existing projects but saw the extension was indeed installed. After uninstall and reinstall it worked.

I have been encountering the same thing! I also hit an issue with the write rang work book activity in the new 2018 update. I was getting an unexpected character reference. I know what I have is correct since it was running fine yesterday (before the update)

  1. The error you are seeing when opening a project happens always, with any project? We are aware of it and its not 100% reproducible
  2. What activity has the issue? All? It happens on old workflows or with new ones only?
  3. What errors are you getting after running old workflows?
    Another question, do you have UiPath Platform also installed on the same machine?
  1. So far all the activities have I have used have the issue with having to click (…) to see the content. It seams though that when I add a new activity it works as intended. It may only be the ones that existed before the update.

This happens when you first receive that warning message, after opening the xaml?

  1. Yes I get the image below whenever I open a project

  2. Every activity seems to have the issue, you no longer see the value of the property field you just see "Enter a VB Expression. You must click on the ellipses button to see the value of the property.

  3. UiPath Platform is not installed on the same machine, these are just instances of studio installed on developers local machines.

  4. Also the location of UiRobot.exe moved…I used to have a shortcut in my start menu since the UiRobot doesn’t start automatically so I could start it manually and since updating to 2018.1 that is no longer the location of UiRobot.exe it apparently lives inside the 18.1.0 folder

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Are you connected to Orchestrator while opening the workflow and seeig this error?

@Gabriel_Tatu yes it happens when the warning null error message appears when opeing the xaml.

Also for 1. I get the warning null error message every time I open the xaml. Both on new and old xaml projects. one I created 3 months ago, one I created yesterday, and one I created today. I get the message on all 3 of the xaml projects

Yes UiRobot is connected to Orchestrator

If you are connected to Orchestrator, disconnect and try again. Its a known issue that will be fixed in the next update, in a few days. You can also avoid this by not using double click on the xaml file to start it, and Open it from Studio
As for the Robot shortcut, you had a robot shortcut in Start menu, added by default? Beside the Studio one?

Disconnecting a reconnecting to orchestrator didn’t change anything…

Opening XAMLs from studio does fix the workflow designer issue I didn’t receive that this time…

As far as the issue with the properties pane I am still experiencing that after disconnecting and reconnecting to Orchestrator.

The shortcut to the Robot I created manually by right clicked on the UiRobot.exe icon and saying create shortcut and pasting that shortcut in my start menu so I didn’t have to navigate to the folder containing the icon to manually start Robot. However when Studio updated to 2018 the location of that moved so I had to do it again.

For the shortcut, yes it is normal to re-create it as the old one pointed to the old robot in 2017.1, so now you ll have to point to the new 2018.1 robot.
I m trying to understand now why you can’t edit the properties panel, we did not experience this problem so far.

Can you disconect from orchestrator, restart Studio (while still disconected) and see if you still see the issue?
Then reconnect again, and check again, please.

I think I figured out the properties panel bug…

So when you open a XAML from Studio I don’t receive the Workflow Designer error and the properties panel seems to be functioning fine. When I double click on a XAML from windows and let that open Studio then I receive the Workflow Designer error and have issues with the properties panel.

Yes, this is the bug. We will fix it soon, sorry for the trouble.
All your workflows will work now without issues.
Also i would suggest updating the core activities to latest version.

I also noticed that UiPath Explorer is constantly freezing and then proceeds to crash UiPath Studio.
I am trying to get the selector for a particular element, but this due to studio crashing this has become a daunting task.

On IE?

@cvent978 I just noticed yesterday the same with the properties panel, then I figured out that I should click the (…) button

other problem that I had noticed just now is when my workflow do an ocr activity is not working as always, I spend lot of time trying to configure the correct properties to have the perfect or almost perfect ocr working in citrix and now I’m having some troubles with that, I guess that is for the new version that I didn’t notice the update until now that I’m reading these issues.

What OS are you using for citrix automation? You may need a windows update.