Mainframe Terminal Session

I am trying to Automate mainframe screen

  1. Can we use WRQ reflections 12.0 with UiPath for terminal session?
  2. From UiPath forum, I read Attachmate reflection provider for terminal session. What is the exact version of Attachmate UiPath is supporting now? Where can we download Attachmate reflection?
  3. UiPath Internal Terminal is not supporting function keys properly in a screen[F3 – Exit (function key not allowed – error thrown)] but WRQ reflection does. How to avoid these issues?
  4. Which provider works best with UiPath for Termianl session?

how to press or simulate escape key using uipath internal option while automating mainframe ?

Hi @Nambirajan.S,

Please check with the Session Type.

Because, I’ve have faced the same problem and it’d been resolved by changing the Session type from IBM 3270 Terminal to IBM 5250 Terminal.

Thanks and Regards,
Manoj Vijayakumar