Try to type using 'Type in to' on Attachmate Reflection



Hi, I’m trying to do a simple thing with a terminal program on my computer. I’m using Attachmate Reflection.
In order, I’m using these activities: ‘Sequence’, ‘Start process’ and ‘Type in to’.
The Reflections is starting but when I try to type, it doesn’t happen anything.
What am I missing here?


Hey @ulidin

For Terminal based automation or i can say for Mainframe kind of automation, Uipath have dedicated Terminal Activities.

So you have to use them to interact or work with terminal or mainframe based systems.

Other activities will not work( Some time i have face they works like “Type Into” but better to use Terminal connection activity first to make connection with Terminal based on your service provider then either you can record steps or use pre-available terminal activities.

For more assistance on this, please follow this link and let me know, if you have any more doubts on this :slight_smile:



Thanks for your answer.
I still have problems. I’m tried Terminal Activities and Attachmate Reflection to connect to a VMS server but with no success. It should be mentioned that I’m using Cisco’s Any Connect to reach the VMS server.
Please more advice on this.


I m using attachmate reflection, and i want to navigate from one screen to another by numlock+Y but through terminal wizard, its not working and i m not able to use type into or hot key activity.
Kindly help me.