Could UiPath can interact with IBM mainframe program (Black/Green screen)?

For example of IBM mainframe program IBM100 - CICS: Securing Online Transactions


Yes…!! i have worked with it.



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Akkapol K.

Yes. Regarding the UiPath terminal implementation I have heard that Bluezone and/or Attachmate work better. AS400 and UiPath != Love,

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Yes @badita you are right but Uipath internal provider Still performs better with some terminal interfaces have to need some improvement and IBM mainframe by using only existing session using pcshll32.dll.

May be the problem is with the API communication between terminals and Uipath.



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Akkapol K.

Could you please let me know, how we can achieve to upload the data from the csv/text file to AS400 system.?

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Thank so much. Will you able to make us a small video to understand better.
Any help willl be greatly appreciated. I am a mainframe resource looking for a change to UIPATH

please guide me

Kishore D C

Hi All I was going through mentioned by @Gabriel_Tatu where is Profile file available in system to use in Terminal Session, I am IBM AS400 insurance user , or if there is any other was to start on.

Hi All I could connect the terminal but activities are showing disabled , I am using trail version, not sure if trail users are allowed to use that, please confirm if someone is aware.

This is not a problem. your cursor is at user Filed by default o guess… so there only You can use Type so others will be disable.
if you wanna use Set text and others Make to customize once you will record the steps required…