Mainframe automation doesn't work after first command


I am using IBM mainframe zSeries and connecting to it using Terminal Session. Before a big update, we were using the IBM Personal Communications option, using the profile (.ws file) to connect to it. Ever since the update, it stopped working: it’s giving ErrorCreatingTerminalProxy error. After that, we switched to Direct Connection which works perfectly.

Now we are automating a second mainframe (different adress, port, etc). The IBM Personal Communications option is giving giving ErrorCreatingTerminalProxy error and the Direct Connection has this weird thing: we can sucessfully connect to the terminal, however upon inserting the first command, the terminal says request is being processed (which doesn’t happen when trying manually). After that, when clicking enter again, it says Process Failed. We can’t get past that point and we can’t replicate this error manually.

We also tried using EHLLAPI but this has never worked - EHLLDLL NotFound error.
What can we do about this? It seems like there’s no way of connecting to it and this is a huge problem…

Direct Connection is definitely the way to go. It sounds like your connection string may not be correct. You should confer with your mainframe admin(s) to make sure it is correct.

Hi! It is correct. UiPath connects to the terminal (the things that show up on the first screen normally show up) so the terminal works for sure. I just can’t give it the command I have to and I don’t know how to fix this.

As I said, your connection string may not be entirely correct. There is more to it than simply connecting, there are emulations and protocols and things that are designated in the connection string.

whats the command? can you give a screenshot

The string is definitely correct - checked. I’m thinking the connection is somehow bypassed by some security restriction. Is this a possibility?

I unfortunately can’t include a screenshot. It’s not neccesarily a terminal command, it’s just an input that takes me to the login screen - this is the way it’s set up.