Mainframe Attachmate Extra - Slowness issue

We are using Attachmate Extra with UiPath as Terminal Provider for automating mainframe applications.

Bot is too slow and is taking long time to navigate between screens and also to read data from terminal.

  1. What could be the possible reason for this?
  2. How fast is Attachmate Extra with UiPath when compared to other providers?


I do not have a direct answer on your question, but I do know Attachmate Extra! quite well. How is the performance if you use the Extra-Client alone, without any Robotics-Software? Is it alright? Did you check if you did set the timeouts accordingly, in case you are working with the “find element” activity? Is “SimulateType” working or do you have to use the “native keyboard” input method?

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Hi Binear,
The same automation we did using excel macros which is almost 10 times faster than UiPath using Attachmate Extra. We are not using “find element” activity instead using “Move Focus”. Keystrokes are simulated through “Send Keys” and “Send hotkeys”.

Hi Nambirajan,

Please find attached Performance tests for UiPath terminal activities using Attachmate Extra 9.3 terminal provider and IBM Personal Communication 6.0.

The tests show indeed that Attachmate Extra 9.3 is very slow, but only if you configure the connection with the Direct Provider. However, if you connect using EHLL dll, the performance is good.

AttachmateEXTRAX-Treme9.3.1-3270PerformanceTests-250418-0730.pdf (26.6 KB)
IBMPersonalCommunicationsv6.0-3270PerformanceTests-250418-0730.pdf (26.8 KB)

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Hi Daniela,

I have a similar issue.
I have post this message Problems with navigation inside mainframe
But i haven’t got yet an answer, so maybe you could help, please.

Hi @najoua.abbaci

Please install the updated version of Terminal Activities Package (2.0.0-preview) and configure connection with Provider “Direct Connection”.

Thank you,
Daniela Dumitrasu