Automating mainframe is slow

Hi all,

  I'm automating a mainframe terminal using Uipath through externally by attaching 'Attach Window'.

I’m able to get the data and putting into a excel. Initially when the bot started execution, the speed is high, but after some time, the bot was not running with the initial speed.The process is of copying the records in mainframe application and pasting into a excel.
Can anyone come across this scenario, am in a big confusion of how the time varies?.
Please help me to solve this issue.

Check out your selectors of each activity.

Hi @rkelchuri
Thanks for your reply. Selectors are fine, the bot file runs of nearly 7-8 hours. I think the performance depends on how much the time bot runs.

it does’t matter… bot will run with out any issues… please check application response and environment…

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Could you please tell me of how to check the application response and environment.

You are using attach mate… which is green screen. When you enter commands in a separate machines you can see response time manually. green screen will be always in good speed… some times RPA will wait for proper element in the selector… by default it will wait for maximum time. so, please make sure your Bot is getting required elements. else… it will get delayed… process…

Hope i am clear in my point.

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Are you using the terminal session activity along with activites like ‘Send Control Key’, or are you using the attach window activity along with ‘Send Hotkey’ activities?

If it’s greenscreen, you should be using the former. This establishes a connection to the greenscreen and is much more robust than just sending hotkeys into an active window

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Hi @Dave
Thanks for your reply and am unable to establish a connection to Terminal Session.
That is why ,I’m using send hot keys in Attach window activity.
Could you help me of establishing a connection to mainframes.

If you’re opening a new session I use a .ws file, if connecting into an existing profile than i use EHLLL. More methods are shown here: Automating Terminals and Mainframes

Why are you unable to establish a connection?

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I’m using TELNET 3270 mainframe which has a .CFG file. I had tried with all the Providers in the Terminal Session activity but none of them wasn’t connected.