Mainframe Application - Setting up a terminal session

Hi all

I tried to automate a mainframe application: “Open Object Rexx” (
I started reading the following article:

I am struggling on the following step: Setting up a terminal session
How do I know which Provider I should choose?
Can I download any provider?
I am not sure for what this provider is exactly. Will this provider give me the possibility to automate my mainframe application?
When I downloaded the provider, how can i set a profile?

Need some help please.

Appreciate any help.

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Hi Raul, what’s the actual terminal you are trying to use? From what I understood, “Open Object Rexx” is just a programming language, right?


What is the emulator you are using now to connect mainframe?

Hi Frank

I will use Micro Focus Rumba as a Provider.

  • Is UiPath able to work with Rumba?

I do not have any mainframe application yet.

  • Is there any “test” mainframe application, where I could train how to use UiPath on Mainframe application?


I will use Micro Focus Rumba as a Provider.

Hi Raul,

I think UiPath doesnt have inbuilt support for Rumba. You can use UiPath internal provider to connect to mainframe.