Ways to automate Mainframe Terminal

Hi Everyone, I am working on a mainframe automation. I am familiar with the UiPath terminal package used to automate terminals, I am not using terminal session activity to start the application, so I cannot use the other activities in the package.
Are there other ways, activities, or packages to interact with the mainframe?

Thank you

Just take a look for below and try it. lets check which will work in your case.
Because there multiple options. Please go through it.

  1. Screen Scraping: If you can’t directly interact with the terminal session, you can still use screen scraping techniques to extract information from the mainframe application. UiPath provides activities like “Screen Scraping”, “Get Text”, and “Get Full Text” which can help you extract data from the mainframe screen. However, this approach might be less reliable and more prone to breaking if the mainframe application’s UI changes frequently.

  2. Custom Activities: You can create custom activities using UiPath Studio. These custom activities can interact with the mainframe through APIs or other methods provided by the mainframe system. This gives you more control over the interaction and allows you to tailor the automation to your specific requirements.

  3. Third-party Integration: There might be third-party integrations or libraries available that allow you to interact with mainframe systems. You can explore these options and see if they provide a more efficient way to automate your mainframe processes.

4.APIs or Web Services: If the mainframe system exposes APIs or web services, you can interact with it using HTTP requests or SOAP activities in UiPath. This approach allows for more direct and reliable communication with the mainframe system, but it requires that the mainframe system has been set up to support these protocols.

5.Emulation Libraries: Some mainframe systems provide emulation libraries or APIs that allow you to interact with them programmatically. You can use these libraries in conjunction with UiPath to automate your mainframe processes.

Any reasons for this?

Hi Peter, I checked with the client they don’t have the necessary details to establish the connection. Are there any other ways I can automate the mainframe?


Automating terminals and using activities from the package had good results, when running later in the productions. So, we recommend taking such positive effects, if ever it is possible.

still have a chance to investigate more in detail. Was it planned to open the client manually on the system or is this also blocked?

As of now, the Mainframe is started via command prompt using UiPath.

Ok, lets avoid a ping-pong

lets be more specific: the Client? which client?..

then we would investigate if the mechanism behind the scenes can be explored and may give hint on using it for terminal scope.

So lets finalize:

  • focus in investigate more the possible chances for using terminal scope
  • then fallback to Plan B

The client is referred to the Business Owners, Thanks for the inputs. I am able to find a workaround.

Thank you.

client in terms of MainFrame client Application. We hope that it was interpret in the same way

Why not? That’s what you’re supposed to do. I highly recommend using Direct Connection, not a third party terminal.

If you are not using terminal session, you can look for APIs. Check with your client if there are APIs available for the screens you need to work on. You will need to install WebAPI package in studio and use HTTP request activity for API calls.

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