Mainframe Automation- Learning

Hi, How can I learn Mainframe automation,as Uipath guide don’t give proper understanding? Can anyone tell how can I do some use cases ?

Uipath only giving theoretically knowledge.I need to do development but I have just only theoretically knowledge.


You need to add [UiPath.Terminal.Activities] to your project at first.

Use Terminal Session for create Terminal connection session after that
you can use Recording wizard to do that you want(or using another activities).

You can refer below link for more information

I hope this information will be useful to you :blush:

Thanks for reply. I’ve tried this, but while I am trying connecting mainframe with studio,it get connected but i am unable to fetch and enter the details.

After you create terminal session, Recording wizard is appear?

If Recording wizard and Terminal Activities cannot use in your Mainframe.
Maybe you need to create [client access] for open your Mainframe and do it like a normal program
and use keyboard key to control it. example use [send hotkey] Activities to send enter key to your Mainframe etc.

Yes record wizard does appear but after that How to get and put in information unable to do. It show to screen one mainframe and one record wizard, where should start processing.