Main.xaml: An item name in the 'ItemInformation' collection is not valid

try Cint(row(“yourColumnName”).ToString)

Again same error @Pradeep_Shiv

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first try converting to Cint alone and see if you getting any error!

Please remove the characters from the item names in Name column like- you have given Emp No. remove dot and make it Emp No
Then it will work after removing all the special characters from the name column.


As @Sneha_Karmhe said, Item Name cannot contain special characters

  • ItemInformation - A collection of additional information about the specific QueueItem that is to be added. The value of string arguments cannot contain the following characters: [ and " " . Argument names cannot contain the following characters: : , . , , , @ , " .

yes it worked. I simply removed the dot from the item name.