Main difference between set text and type into

main difference between set text and type into

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thats a good question
SET TEXT activity is used to set a string to TEXT attribute of a ui element
TYPE INTO activity is used to type into a field or any editable place

the main difference is set text will set the given string value to ATTRIBUTE LEVEL like unless we mention the attribute we wont be able to set the text to any field or editable place

but if type into is used even without selector on a specific box it will type the string for example in google website use a send hot key activity with key tab that takes us to the search bar and followed by that activity simply use a type into activity without any selector with a string we want to search…IT WILL TYPE
but thats not possible in SET TEXT because its purely dependent on selector,i.e., WE SHOULD SET THE TARGET ELEMENT

hope this would help you
Cheers @lokesh888


Hello Sir,
For this scenario, i tried type into and set text activity,
1)Open browser
2)Send hot key (ctrl + e) for search box
3) Type into / Set text
Both are working,
Confused between difference between these 2 activities,
Please guide

@Mayyur, did you “indicate on screen” when you tried 3) Set text?

‘Type into’ does not require an indicated screen to work.

In the example below only ‘Type into’ will work (‘Set text’ will not work unless UI is indicated):

Type into also have the option to add a hot key after the text, for example Enter:


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