Technical level "Set Text" and "Type Into" in java applications


Is there somebody who knows on which technical level the both activies “Set Text” and “Type Into” works?
I’ve got a problem especially with the “Set Text”-Activity:

The robot works on a java-application, where the “Set-Text”-Activity obviously is able to change information in fields which are disabled to change information.
As a “normal” user (people) you are not able to change these information in the visible GUI-field.

My question: On which technical level works the “Set-Text”-Activity, so that it’s possible to change informations in disabled fields? Is the “Type-Into”-Activity also able to do this?

Thank you very much and kind regards from Germany!

Set-Text will Directly Copies the value in to the field whereas Type-Into will type the values in the field.

‘Type Info’ and ‘Set Text’ both will set the given value to the field. However, in case the field is not visible in the UI(you may need to scroll down to see the field), ‘Type Into’ will not work. In that case, its better to use Set Text