Send HotKey vs Type Into

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Since the description for type Into includes"Special keys are supported and can be selected from the drop-down list." I was wondering the difference between Send HotKey and Type Into activities. Cant we achieve what we do using Send HotKey with Type Into activity? and if we can, why we have 2 different activities?


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Hi @Asiri
Thats a good question buddy
they share similar properties except (simulate type) which is there only in Type into activity and not in send hot keys…
so this implies the difference
you can type strings, character, integers, double, decimal are any primitive types with type into activity but we cannot type any string with Send hot key activity
In send hot key activity we can send only hot keys and special keys, no strings to be typed
Thats why we have as separate activities like this and the reason why we have hot keys option in Type into is we might need to pass some hot key along with a string typed to a field or edit place wherever it is…which is actually a additional option in type into activity

Thats all buddy
hope this would help you
Cheers @Asiri


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